Therapeutic Arts

My journey with therapeutic arts and how they facilitated the healing process

Who do you make Christmas for?

Yesterday, driving in town I saw a young family walking by. Mum, Dad and their 4-5 year old girl. They were crossing the road ahead of me, both parents holding their daughter’s hands, shielding their precious jewel in between them . They carefully looked out for a safe gap in the traffic and ushered her […]

Writing poems and stories

There is a moment of truth in a word spoken There is a moment of awakening in the angry encounter There is an abrupt stop to the long for illusion There is no end to the pain -like an open vain it pulsates and bleeds out as a fountain of terror The pain of losing […]

Permission to grieve

I figured out some patterns to my grieve. They are like pockets, clouds of sadness in my soul. I can go through life as usual, even happy and exhilarated about new things, grateful for the sunshine. Then something can trigger it off, like hearing about a friend having a baby. That’s a dagger for my […]

Where have I been? Busy hiding…

After the exhibition last autumn I imagined that my life would turn into my beloved Hollywood happy ending. I envisioned the iconic image of myself walking into the sunset, having shed the pain of the past years, face lit up with new hope and pride of job well done. Life teaches me again and again. […]

A letter from a friend

A few days before the exhibition opened, I received an email from a friend. In the midst of internal struggles and doubts an email arrives. An unexpected gift. These words could have been written for any other woman who have suffered a similar journey. With my friend’s permission, I share them with you. Dear Marie, […]

Walking with grief

Do not hurry as you walk with grief; it does not help the journey. Walk slowly, pausing often: do not hurry as you walk with grief. Be not disturbed by memories that come unbidden. Swiftly forgive; and let Christ speak for you unspoken words. Unfinished conversation will be resolved in Him. Be not disturbed. Be […]