Sponsor the Book

The Grieving Mother book was born as a result of a long journey with miscarriages, grief and childlessness. As a proud and humble author of this self-published book, I ask for your help in supporting other women and men through their grief by sponsoring a next print run of this book. Your donations will enable me to distribute free copies to those who may need them.

In the last 4 months I have received £364 from donations and sales of the book. With a personal top up, this money will allow me to print additional 50 copies of the book. Many thanks to all kind supporters and warm welcome to new ones.

What your money will achieve

My aim is to raise £1200 for the next print run of additional 100 copies. These books will be donated to charities and organisations which support women and men through their child losses and IVF journeys. Also as gifts to women and men who may not be able to buy the book. I have already begun distributing the free books and your donations will enable me to send out more copies to more people.

The print cost of each book is £12.00 and the Just Giving website charges a small fee for each transaction. (Processing costs of 2.9% + 25p are applied to each donation.)

Your donation will be used strictly for a reprint and distribution of the free copies. Small donation, bigger donation, they are all greatly appreciated.

Be a ‘small’ part of a permanent change

My hope for this book and your involvement in the venture is nothing short of a little revolution. I dream to create a wave of understanding where miscarriage can be better accepted as a real child loss. Especially where no ‘living’ children follow.

Like me, there are many women & men who are grieving in silence. I am hoping this book will help them find their own voice and language to express their loss.

My dream comes as an image. ‘A childless woman comes to her friend’s children birthday party and instead of hiding in a corner, feeling ashamed and worthless, she is embraced by other mothers for her own loss. She is freed to show love for the living children without hiding the painful absence of hers.’

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