The Grieving Mother book is born

What might you find on a journey through grief?

They called it a miscarriage…

but I lost something precious. I lost a baby.

For a long time, I didn’t know what I lost

but there was a great deal missing.

Was I a mother? Was there a child?

To admit the life of my baby

would mean admitting its death.

A pain too unbearable.

Yet, becoming the grieving mother

has been my only way to heal.


I first presented The Grieving Mother as an art exhibition in autumn 2017, just four months after my second miscarriage. I created the exhibition for myself. Perhaps as a protest about the cruelty of life, perhaps to prove a point that my life still counts.

Expressive artwork, accompanied by journal entries, tell an intimate story of coming to terms with my first miscarriage. Through acknowledging that I was a mother to a real child who died, I was able to begin the grieving process. Art became a trusted friend which held me through another IVF treatment and helped me to survive the subsequent miscarriage. This book is about the healing power of art and the surprising strength of a human spirit.

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